Are you up for the Sleepout Extreme?

September 8th, 2017

screen shot sleepout extreme

This year we’ve got a brand new challenge for you! 

Are you up for a challenge that lasts more than just one night? Take things to the next level with Sleepout Extreme.

Get your youth group, Scout group, Guides, or just your friends together and think up your own extreme challenge. You could camp out in your garden for a week, sleep in a garage every weekend throughout Advent, spend a few nights in sleeping bags under the stars with friends.


  1. Choose your challenge – how extreme will you go?
  2. Register your challenge
  3. Create your fundraising page
  4. Tell your friends – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great ways to do this
  5. Get organised

However extreme you want to make your challenge, the sponsorship money you raise will be the best Christmas present you could ever give.


We can’t wait to hear your extreme plans for the Advent Sleepout Challenge. Share them with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or get in touch with Lynsey on 020 7898 1644/

*But no matter how extreme you want to go, always stay safe, and carry out a risk assessment using the documents below: