Ditch your Duvet this Advent

September 8th, 2017

screen shor ditch your duvet

This year we’ve got a new way for you to take part in the Advent Sleepout Challenge that doesn’t involve sleeping outside.

Could you Ditch your Duvet and take part in the Advent Sleepout Challenge in your own way to deliver the hope of a better Christmas?

Many of you really want to do your part to help those sleeping rough and struggling to get by over Advent, but sleeping outside just isn’t an option. This could be for lots of different reasons, including health, or if you have very young children.

So, by Ditching your Duvet you can still get involved but from your own home. Sleep on the sofa, the floor, without your duvet and pillows, or in whatever way you can manage.

Tell your friends and get them to do the same. You could even choose a date that works for everyone and then ditch your duvet on the same night but in different locations!


  1. Choose your challenge – how will you Ditch Your Duvet?
  2. Register your challenge
  3. Create your fundraising page
  4. Tell your friends – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great ways to do this
  5. Get organised

Exactly how you spend the night is up to you, but every penny you raise or donate will give a helping hand to someone who really needs it this Christmas.


Over the last couple of years there have been a number of people who have ditched their duvets for the Advent Sleepout Challenge. Read about Leslene and Tim’s experiences here.

We can’t wait to hear how you decide to Ditch your Duvet. Share your plans with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or get in touch with Lynsey on 020 7898 1644/lynsey.robinson@cuf.org.uk

*Always make sure this is something you can do and that you will be safe, use the resources below to help:
Planning an event

How to carry out a risk assessment
Risk Assessment Questionnaire