Phil’s Story: Advent Sleepout Challenge 2018 is Here!

This is Phil talking about his experience of homelessness. Phil’s story shows us that, like many others, moving from sleeping on the streets to sleeping in a winter night shelter can be a life-changing difference. Night shelters offer so much more than just a bed, they offer hope, and the chance of rebuilding your life.

The funds raised from the Advent Sleepout Challenge help the Church Urban Fund to set up winter night shelters in local communities around the country to offer hope and practical support to people experiencing homelessness.

We’re very excited that the first Sleepout of the year is TONIGHT at Snaith Priory! Check out their team page here. Reverend Eleanor who will be sleeping out tonight, writes:  'Over the last year I have been to visit Manchester, London and Windsor and in all these places I have been shocked by the level of homelessness. This has made me feel there is no point just being 'outraged'; I should do something that will make a practical difference.’

Like Eleanor we can all do something to make a practical difference and change lives, like Phil’s, through the Advent Sleepout Challenge and the work of the Church Urban Fund. With every £20 raised we can offer somebody experiencing homelessness a bed for the night. Just think how many lives we can change!

We want to change as many lives as possible so please – spread the word. If you’re doing a Sleepout yourself then do share it using as many mediums as possible. If you’re not doing a Sleepout then why not choose one of the teams from the Advent Sleepout Challenge fundraising platformand share their page for them to boost their reach? Or, if you’ve got friends or family who you think might be up for the challenge why not tell them about it? A personal recommendation can work wonders.

We’re so excited for the kick off the Advent Sleepout Challenge 2018 - together we can make a real difference to people who, like Phil, have had the misfortune of experiencing homelessness. Bring on the Challenge!

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