Ringwood Sleepout Challenge


This year’s Ringwood Sleepout Challenge featured our youngest challenger yet, here’s their story:

As the last of Storm Diana blew through on Friday night (November 30), a group of over 40 of us, from Ringwood Benefice and partnering with Ringwood Infants spent the night in cardboard shelters in the playground at Ringwood Infant School. The youngest of us was only 4 years old! So far we have raised over £2,000 to support homeless people.

The school playground was filled with makeshift cardboard shelters, sleeping bags and tents. Hilary Silk, headteacher at Ringwood Infant School, said that the pupils had spent several weeks thinking about generosity: “We held the sleepout last year: the children who took part really demonstrated an understanding of what it meant. It has a really big impact on their life and us as a school community, so we wanted to do it again this year. We talk to the children about showing love in action – about doing something for somebody else. The children get a lot from the whole experience!”

The children were undaunted by the weather as heavy rain fell in the early hours. Scarlett was desperate to join the sleepout despite it being her 7th Birthday: “I want to help those without a bed of their own”. Scarlett’s mum was so proud of her awareness and desire to help other people who are less fortunate and said that Scarlett had begged to be allowed to go and dragged her along just for the ride!

Paul, who organised this sleepout challenge says, “Despite a disturbed and wet night’s sleep it was truly wonderful to see everyone cheerful and helping each other the following morning. We really got an insight into what it is like to spend a night on the streets. But we had the comfort of knowing that we were safe, with friends and could look forward to dry sheets on Saturday night”.

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