St. Bridget's Sleepout Challenge

This is the third year that some of the staff from St. Bridget's CE Primary in Wirral have embarked on the Sleep Out. Here are some of the Headteacher, Mr. Le Feuvre’s musings from last year.

Last year it hailed and snowed as we pretended to try to sleep in the playground gazebo.  The church bells rang regularly to keep us informed of the time, in fact they nearly shook us awake, which reminded me of the fact that we were also sleeping right next to the graveyard.  The mind can play tricks on you at night, yet we made it through with a combination of humour, moaning and determination. 

To be honest we made it through to just after 5am and then made the shortest commute to school ever.  By 6am, many of us were finishing toast and coffee and heading to the classroom.  We were excited to see the rest of our work colleagues arrive and we left our sleeping bags in the gazebo, so that the children could see where we had slept the night before.  Many of the children and parents were amazed at our efforts. 

By lunchtime many of us who took part in the sleep out were flagging, the initial excitement of our efforts diminishing.  It is at this point that I truly realise that I am not too comfortable about repeating the sleep out experience for a consecutive night.  I have to admit that once a year is enough for me.  When I reflect further, I realise that I had eaten that day, I had prepared for the night by finding my warmest clothes and I had completed the experience in a locked up playground with some good-humoured colleagues.  I cannot imagine the challenge of doing this night after night with no support.  

It is for this reason we will take up the Sleep Out challenge to raise awareness and funds for the good work that Church Urban Fund does for anyone who has nowhere else to sleep.

The St. Bridget’s team are taking on their sleepout tonight, show them your support here.

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