Jason's story


After years of homelessness and substance abuse, Jason has rebuilt his life again with the help of partner organisation, HandCrafted.

Jason spent many difficult years living on the streets in the North-East of England, battling alcohol and drug addictions.   He came out of rehab and a friend introduced him to Handcrafted, a Christian charity funded by Church Urban Fund that offers skills development and volunteering to those on the fringes of society. Through training in gardening, wood work, automotive and construction skills, people like Jason are offered a way out of hopelessness and poverty. Jason started attending Handcrafted workshops almost every day – building everything from flower beds for local schools to dolls houses for children. “I used to have a drink beside me when  
I woke up,” Jason says. “But Handcrafted has given me an incentive to get out of bed. It’s changed my life.”

“I wasn’t really a people person before,  I always liked being by myself; but coming to Handcrafted changes you. It’s just a small group of us and it’s nice, we’re all friends. Most of the lads have been in hostels and it’s nice to know there are people exactly the same as you, they understand. That’s the good thing about it. I never really spoke to anybody before, but Handcrafted has helped me feel safe around people.” Jason now has a dream of running his own business, settling down and having a family. “If I didn’t have the Handcrafted team behind me, I don’t think I’d even be alive,” he says

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