Kirsty's story


Today Kirsty works as a receptionist and welcomer at Grassroots. This young woman who once had no friends, now delights in welcoming new people to Grassroots. “To me it’s made a really big difference because I’ve not always had the support they have… To help other people that  could be in a similar situation to what I’ve been in, to offer the support that I’ve had… is really good.”

“My childhood was kinda hard. My mum was hardly ever in and sometimes I’d go into school and I were dirty. I’d just get picked on for that. I got bullied at school… until I went into care. Being in care… I felt I’m no good. That’s when my confidence hit rock bottom. I’ve never been able to make friends easily.” “I found out that Grassroots was having confidence-building classes and I did that. It’s just one building where they offer so many different things as well as somebody to chat to.” It started with a shared meal and friendly conversations around the table. For the first time in her life Kirsty felt welcomed  and accepted. That is why she returned to Grassroots to attend various classes that helped get her confidence back and learn new skills.

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