Churches, communities and homelessness


“Participants aged 10–18 met in the cathedral, taking part in a series of group exercises designed to get them thinking about the cycle of homelessness and isolation which many people find themselves in” – Church Commissioners Report, 2016, p.19

Here at Church Urban Fund we were delighted to see the Advent Sleepout Challenge feature in the Church Commissioners Annual Report 2016, published in May.

The report features the St Nicholas Cathedral (Newcastle) Advent Sleepout Challenge, just one of the 173 Sleepout Challenges organised by churches and community groups over the last two years.

The Sleepout Challenge

In December last year, St Nicholas Cathedral organised an Advent Sleepout Challenge with a group of 10-18 year olds. The group of young people not only gave up their beds for the night to raise funds to help tackle homelessness, they also took part in a series of activities to get them thinking about the underlying causes of homelessness.

The Report

The report shows how organising an Advent Sleepout Challenge is an effective way to engage with young people in the local community, whilst also helping to transform the lives of others.

The Sleepout Challenge is also a great way to open up Cathedrals and other church buildings to the local community, so that they can be used in a really unique way to help others.

Working Together

Here at Church Urban Fund we love hearing, and being part of, all the incredible stories of how churches are helping to transform local communities. It’s proven to be a great way for all of us to work together to make a lasting impact in society!

Help transform lives and communities across England this winter. Register your interest in the Advent Sleepout Challenge today.

Find out more about the 4000 beds provided for those who were homeless last year through CUF supported night shelters.

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