Advent Sleepout Roundup 2016


So, we’ve come to the end of another Advent Sleepout Challenge. From magic shows, to cardboard castles, and even a birthday party, we’ve seen it all this year! We wanted to round up the Advent Sleepout Challenge through the best medium possible, pictures from our sleepers!

This year a phenomenal 98 Sleepouts took place across the country. The kids from Holy Trinity Ashton were as excited about it as we are!


Over 1000 people took on the challenge, and 3 even braver dogs including the lovely Jasper, pictured below.


The question of “Who has the best Onesie?” has been debated from Newcastle all the way down to Devon. Our current winner has to be this ultimate Batman Onesie in Oxford!


There have been sleepouts in 31 different dioceses, including our very own CUF sleepout in Westminster Abbey!


Our Challengers this year have included Churches, Youth Groups, Scouts, Students, Schools, Individuals and even families sleeping in their back gardens. Check out this Scout Group who made their very own Cardboard City (see if you can spot the impressive cardboard cape too!)


Finally, all we have to say is a huge THANK YOU from all of us here at CUF for supporting the Advent Sleepout Challenge in 2016. Thanks to your hard work and generosity we’ve already raised over £55,000! You stood up to say that, homeless or not, everyone is cared for and loved by God.

NewsMatt Hollidge