Simon's Story

"I was helped onto a Positive Pathways course, which gave me so much support."


Simon was evicted from his home and did not know how to fix it all until he found Positive Pathways, one of the Together Network projects in Bradford. This is his story...


Simon was evicted from his home of 10 years for rent arrears, his benefit claim was sanctioned and he didn’t know what to do to fix it all. He found himself homeless and all his belongings were removed and destroyed by his housing provider. Simon was anxious, depressed and became suicidal. The Together Network branch in Bradford helped Simon to access a Positive Pathways course for 5 weeks where they assisted him to make an appropriate benefit claim, find supported accommodation and to talk with his previous housing association. They also provided Simon with emotional support.


Positive Pathways is a five-year Together Network programme which is helping to support homeless people into stable and sustained accommodation, and community life. As well as offering Winter Night Shelters and relief for immediate needs such as food, clothing and healthcare, the provision through Positive Pathways enables one-to-one relational support to people at critical points on their path to sustainable living.


Positive Pathways broke the cycle of homelessness for Simon, and for many others.


Names and images have been changed to protect anonymity. This account is a true testimony from a beneficiary of a project supported by the Together Network.

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