Phil's Story


Last week, Chief Sleepouter - Holly Adams - met up with Rev’d Phil who took part in the Westmisnter Abbey Sleepout in 2018, he told her how he’d been homeless as a teenager…

“Taking part in the sleep out challenge was a no brainer for me on several levels. First of all, it was a great opportunity to sleep in Westminster Abbey. I was at a time in my life when I needed an adventure, and this came at the right time. But really, the real reason to get involved it was an opportunity to raise awareness and money for the Together Network in supporting homelessness in the UK. When I was a teenager I found myself homeless, and the church were a massive help to me in keeping me off the streets and in a hostel for homeless young people. It was a frightening, but formative time. Getting involved in supporting the Together Network was borne out of wanting to say thanks to God (again) for looking out for me then. Making sure there are still places for people to go today when they are in this kind of need. If you want a different kind of adventure, I couldn’t recommend this fundraising event more. The night time tour of the Abbey is wonderful, and the cardboard bed is 5 star!!!“ 

Why not take a step out of your comfort zone, take on the Advent Sleepout Challenge and help more people like Phil.

Sign up here and take the challenge.

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